QM Staff & Board of Directors

Quality Matters is a non-profit organization based in Maryland whose employees work virtually from points across the United States.

For general inquires and assistance, please use the chat/message tab at the bottom of the page or send us an email. For member support or issues related to your account, please contact our help desk.  

QM Staff

Dr. Deb Adair

Deb Adair, Ph.D.
Executive Director 
Email Deb 
Skype: dadair.qm


Jade Deitrick
Executive Assistant
Email Jade
Skype: live:jdeitrick_9

Senior Directors

Tom Claffey
CFO & Senior Operations Director
Phone: 410-497-8036
Fax: 301-560-6693
Email Tom
Skype: tclaffey.qm

Yaping Gao

Yaping Gao, Ed.D.
Senior Academic Director: Member Services & Partnerships
Phone: 410-657-8826
Email Yaping
Skype: yaping.qm

Brenda Boyd

Brenda Boyd
Senior Academic Director: Program Services
Phone: 410-497-8027
Email Brenda
Skype: brendaboyd.qm

Membership Services

Marijane Hakun
Member Services Manager
Phone: 410-497-8001
Fax: 301-560-6693
Email Marijane
Skype: mhakun.qm


Michelle Pierpont
Member Services Specialist
Phone: 410-497-8029
Fax: 301-560-6693
Email Michelle
Skype: michellepierpont

Community Engagement & Events

Jim Snyder, Ed.D.
Director of Community Engagement & Marketing
Phone: 410-497-8039
Email Jim
Skype: jsnyder.qm


Grace Hall
Senior Manager of Multi-Media Public Relations
Phone: 410-497-8028
Email Grace
Skype: ghall.qm


Beth Knapp
Events & Conferences Manager
Phone: 410-497-8063
Email Beth
Skype: bknapp.qm

Quality Assurance

Melissa Poole
Director of Quality Assurance
Phone: 410-497-8031
Email Melissa
Skype: mpoole.qm

Kevin L Williams

Kevin L. Williams
Quality Assurance Manager
Phone: 410-497-8078
Email Kevin
Skype: Kevin L. Williams


Jennifer Pfeuffer
Higher Education Course Review Manager
Phone: 410-497-8003
Email Jennifer
Skype: Jennifer Pfeuffer


Cathy McAfee
Quality Assurance Administrative Assistant
Phone: 410-575-4722
Email Cathy
Skype: live:cmcafee_16

Pamela Shaw

Pamela Shaw
K-12 Course Review Manager
Phone: 410-497-8571
Email Pamela
Skype: Pam Shaw

Andrea Geiger

Andrea Geiger
Quality Assurance Administrative Assistant
Phone: 410-497-8076
Email Andrea
Skype: Andrea Geiger

K-12 Program

Christine Voelker
K-12 Program Director
Phone: 410-497-8037
Email Christine
Skype: christinevoelker.qm


Suzanne Scheffler
K-12 Program Manager
Phone: 410-497-8072
Email Suzanne
Skype: sscheffler_10

Professional Development

Cecelia Green
Senior Manager of Professional Development
Phone: 410-497-8071
Email Cecelia
Skype: cecelia.green.qm


Nancy Ragias
QM Professional Development Registrar
Phone: 410-497-8043
Fax: 301-560-6683
Email Nancy
Skype: nancyragias.qm


Jillian Jevack
Instructional Design Manager
Phone: 410-497-8073
Email Jillian
Skype: jillian.jevack.qm

Irene Roselli
Manager of Professional Certification Programs
Phone: 410-934-0441
Email Irene
Skype: live:iroselli


Rico Lauchu
Instructional Technologist
Phone: 410-497-8038
Email Rico
Skype: rlauchu.qm

Claudia Sanchez Bustos
Instructional Design Specialist
Phone: 410-497-8563
Email Claudia
Skype: live: chowery_3

Elisa White

Elisa White
Instructional Design Specialist
Phone: 410-934-0339 
Email Elisa
Skype: Elisa White

Amanda Harner

Amanda Harner
QM Professional Development Assistant Registrar
Phone: 410-970-6895
Email Amanda
Skype: Amanda Harner

Roberto Rivera

Roberto Rivera
Professional Development Specialist
Phone: 410-497-8075
Email Roberto
Skype: Roberto Rivera

Analea Brauburger

Analea Brauburger
Professional Development Specialist
Phone: 410-497-8574
Email Analea
Skype: Analea Brauburger

David Becker

David Becker
Professional Development Specialist
Phone: 410-497-8030
Email David
Skype: David Becker


Bethany Simunich, Ph.D.
Director of Research & Innovation
Phone: 410-497-8068
Email Bethany
Skype: Bethany Simunich.QM


Barbra Burch
Manager of Research & Development
Phone: 410-497-8070
Email Barbra
Skype: bburch.qm


Leigh Hopf
Research and Data Analyst
Phone: 410-657-8203
Email Leigh
Skype: live:lhopf_3

Finance, Human Resources & Administration

Jeannemarie Smiroldo
Manager of Administrative Services
Phone: 410-497-8004
Fax: 301-560-6693
Email Jeannemarie
Skype: jsmiroldo.qm

Kathryn Williams

Kathryn Williams
Accounting Assistant
Phone: 410-497-9041
Email Kathryn
Skype: Kathryn Williams


Cameron Kenworthy
Human Resources Coordinator
Phone: 410-497-8543
Email Cameron
Skype: Cameron Kenworthy

Creative Services

Kathleen Schassen
Director of Creative Services & Brand Experience
Phone: 410-497-8066
Email Kathleen
Skype: kschassen.qm


Amy Santo
Social Media Manager & Senior Copywriter
Phone: 410-609-4511
Email Amy
Skype: live:asanto_17

Information Technology

Jeremy Slye
Director of Information Technology Services
Phone: 410-497-8033
Email Jeremy
Skype: jslye.qm


Steven Harrison
IT Network Manager
Phone: 410-497-8032
Email Steven
Skype: sharrison.qm


Rekha Subramanian, Ph.D.
Senior Web Applications Developer
Phone: 410-497-8533
Email Rekha
Skype: rekha.qm

lakota meagher

Lakota Meagher
IT Network Specialist
Phone: 410-497-8041 
Email Lakota
Skype: Lakota Meagher


Angie Pierpont
IT Project Manager
Phone: 410-497-8072
Email Angie
Skype: angie.pierpont.qm

Laura Molnar
IT Support Specialist
Phone: 410-609-3100
Email Laura
Skype: lmolnar_18