Courses for QM Roles - K-12

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K-12 Rubric Update Role Reinstatement, Fifth Edition

Learn how the QM K-12 Secondary Rubric, Fourth Edition, and the QM K-12 Publisher Rubric, Fourth Edition, were updated and combined into a single, Fifth Edition QM K-12 Rubric Workbook that identifies the Specific Review Standards used in K-12 or K-12 Publisher Reviews.

K-12 Reviewer Course (K-12 RC)

Prepare to conduct and participate in QM K-12 Course Reviews by completing this course and meeting eligibility requirements for the QM K-12 and K-12 Publisher Reviewer Roles.

K-12 Master Reviewer Certification (K-12 MRC)

An intensive, self-paced two-week course that prepares QM K-12 Reviewers to serve in the role of QM K-12 Master Reviewer. QM K-12 Master Reviewers ensure the rigor and consistency of the peer review process.

Accelerated K-12 Reviewer Course for Higher Ed

Get prepared to serve as a reviewer using the QM K-12 Rubric if you are a certified Higher Ed Peer Reviewer or Instructional Designer who has completed the APPQMR and the HE Peer Reviewer course.

Courses for QM Roles

Become a QM Expert

Serve on Review Teams. Help make courses better. Further your career goals.

Serving as a QM Expert is valuable in so many ways. You and your organization become known…internally and externally…for a commitment to building a culture of continuous improvement. You become part of a select group of education professionals who are recognized not only inside the QM community but throughout the larger universe of online learning as well.

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