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K-12 New To Online Teaching Series

If you've tackled Emergency Remote Learning or are looking for foundational professional development in teaching online, this set of workshops is for you. Open enrollment sessions are available for individuals. Schools and districts can arrange dedicated sessions to get teams on the right track to deliver quality online learning. Bulk enrollment discounts are available and QM members always receive the best rate.

Growing Online with Precision Series

Develop online learning expertise with this set of asynchronous, one-week workshops. The series focuses on refining the skills that foster student engagement and leveraging instructional materials. Schools and districts can schedule one or more of these workshops with 10+ participants during a time that's convenient for faculty and staff. Discounts based on number of participants and workshops to be scheduled are available.

K-12 Online Course Design (K-12 DYOC)

Build on the K-12 Applying the QM Rubric workshop and explore a framework for designing an online course plan. Schedule a full day face-to-face or online session of this workshop for your group.
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