Courses Currently QM-Certified

Courses that carry the QM Certification mark have met QM Standards at a level of 85% or greater in an official review process. Certification is valid for three to five years depending on the QM Rubric used to review the course. Recertification allows the original QM Certification to be extended for up to three more years. 

QM Standards and review processes are recognized nationally and internationally for being supported by research and based on best practices. The data obtained from course reviews can ultimately inform the review and certification of quality for entire programs. These certifications demonstrate a commitment, not only to creating an environment of excellence and quality, but of maintaining that commitment.

Courses listed here have met QM Standards for Higher Education at a level of 85% or greater in an official review. The QM Certification for these courses is valid for five years from the date of certification. To maintain QM certification, the course may be recertified or officially reviewed again. Otherwise the course is removed from the list of QM-Certified courses and may no longer carry the QM Certification mark. You can also search for QM-Certified courses.

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