What are the fees for course reviews?

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A valid subscription agreement is required to qualify for the member fee listed. Fees are subject to adjustment by QM at any time upon 30 days notice. Please contact us with any questions related to your membership or course review plans.

Review Type Fee Member Fee
QM-Managed Full Course Review (Higher Ed or K-12) $1400 $1000
CPE Course Review: Less than 20 hours $1150 $750
CPE Course Review: More than 20 hours $1250 $850
K-12 Template Review $1600 $1200
K-12 Content Review $1300 $900
Publisher Template Review (Higher Ed or K-12) $2800 $2000
Publisher Content Review (Higher Ed or K-12) $1400 $1000
Publisher Full Review (Higher Ed or K-12) $1600 $1200


Additional Review Types Fee Member Fee
Preparatory Review $750 $350
QM-Managed Recertification (Higher Ed or K-12) $650 $400
QM-Managed Recertification (K-12 Publisher) $1300 $900
Alternate Version Review (Higher Ed or K-12) $650 $400
K-12 Supplemental State Course Review $500 $400
K-12 Correlation Verification (Add On) $100 $100