Course Reviews

Why should I choose a Template + Content Review?
For courses designed using a template that crosses subject areas, a QM-managed Template + Content Review provides a cost-effective way to review courses in two phases. Phase 1 focuses on Standards associated with the template. They are marked with a “T” in the list of Standards for relevant Rubrics. Phase 2 focuses on the Standards associated with course content (marked with a “C” in the list of Standards for relevant Rubrics) and combines with the Template Review score for an overall Full Review score. A Template + Content Review may lead to QM Certification for the courses reviewed.

How do courses become recertified?
Depending on the type of course that was certified, QM Certification is valid for three to five years. Recertification allows you to extend the original QM Certification for a course in a cost-effective manner for up to three more years. In some cases, courses need to be recertified before the standard three to five year period has expired.

How can I leverage my QM expertise to become a Certified QM Reviewer?
Join the movement to improve online and blended courses! See courses from a different perspective, help the QM Community and make a difference for learners by attaining the role of Higher Ed QM-Certified Peer Reviewer or K-12 Course Reviewer.

What are the fees for course reviews?
QM Members get discounts on course review fees, so if you'll be reviewing a lot of courses, it makes sense to sign up for a QM Membership.

How does the review process for course design work?

The structure of a course review depends on the QM Rubric you select, the type of course you want to evaluate, and the type of review you want to conduct. For example, a Self-Review, Internal Review, and Official Review will all be structured differently. And the QM Rubric you select for your organization will affect the composition of your review team, as well as the QM Standards you have to meet.

How can a course be prepared for an Official Review?
The review team will need access to the course from the student perspective. Use this checklist to determine whether your course is ready to be submitted for review.

What is the Course Review Management System (CRMS)?
The CRMS is a secure, automated, online tool used by QM Members to manage official and internal course reviews. It's based on the QM Rubric(s) associated with your membership and is used to evaluate or certify the design of online and blended courses.