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Call for Leadership Nominations is Open

The QM IDA is accepting nominations* for leadership officer positions until June 30, 2020. You may nominate another person or self-nominate. Selection of officers will be made by QM IDA members in an open election.

The voting will open July 20 and new officers will be announced August 24, 2020.

*Current QM IDA members will receive email notification on May 21 with a link for submitting nominations. Please contact the QM IDA if you are a member and did not receive the email. You must be opted into email notifications with QM to have received the communication.


About Us

The Quality Matters Instructional Designers Association (QM IDA) is a special interest group of Quality Matters.

The QM Instructional Designers Association Mission is to promote and improve the quality of online education and student learning through instructional design practice by providing professional development opportunities to strengthen instructional design practice, building community, networking, and fostering mentoring opportunities, promoting quality standards-based practice informed by research and sharing best practices.

As a group we provide self-paced free or low-cost professional development, establish an online space for networking and professional partnerships, promote collaboration and mentorship between instructional design professionals, build a community for everyone, regardless of background, promote quality standards based practice which is informed by research, and participate in problem solving, research, and sharing of best practice.

The goals of the QM IDA are to:
  1. Provide professional development as well as an online space for networking and development of professional partnerships
  2. Promote collaboration and mentorship between instructional design professionals in an open community, regardless of background, focused on quality standards based practice which is informed by research
  3. Encourage instructional design information and resource sharing on a national scale where problem-solving, research, and best practice is freely exchanged.


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A current QM subscription — either individually or through an institution — is required for membership in the QM IDA. If you are unsure if your institution is a member, you can search to find out.

Sign Up with Through Your Institution’s QM Membership

  1. Sign in to your MyQM account*.
  2. Select the "My Tools" menu.
  3. Select the Role Applications link.
  4. Select the QM Instructional Designers Association Application link.

Sign Up with an Individual QM Membership

  1. Log into or create* a MyQM account
  2. Click “Subscribe” from the left side menu.
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  5. Once the subscription is activated, complete the QM Instructional Designers Association Application found in MyQM > My Tools > Role Applications.

*To create a MyQM account, choose “I am new here” on the login page.

Looking for the Job Board?

ID-related job postings have moved to the QM IDA Listserv. Please see the information below on how to sign up and access the listserv. For non-members interested in sharing job postings with the QM IDA, please use our Google Form to submit your request.

Get Involved & Get Answers

QM IDA Twitter Chats

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QM IDA Learning Exchange Webinars

Join QM IDA members several times a year for free webinars delivered by your peers. Registration is limited to current members of the QM IDA. Recordings of past sessions can be accessed from the Reference Library in MyQM.

Online Course Development Process - Organizing for Success!

Developing online courses at scale is complex, with multiple stakeholders interacting at different points throughout each project. CCCOnline leverages process workflow management and project tracking software to make the course development activities transparent and accessible 24/7. Everyone from the executive director to student services to business services has at-a-glance or detailed access. 

In this presentation, attendees will be exposed to Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) as well as the Jira Workflow Management tool that CCCOnline uses to manage not only online course development, but other processes throughout the organization. We'll also demonstrate Dashboards and Kanban Boards to see how the same data is communicated in different ways based on stakeholder needs. 

Attendees will learn general facts about business process modeling to identify key states, transitions, and workflow in the course development process that can be built out in software for stakeholder use. Attendees may also see familiar parallels between their own course development processes, formal or informal, and that of online course development as represented in the workflow built into the CCCOnline course development cycle. 

Date & Time:
Thursday, May 28, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern 

Register Now!

Steve Rothenberg, Project Manager and Project Management Educator, CCCOnline

Bio: Steve Rothenberg is a project manager and project management educator, and recently retired as project and product implementation manager for CCCOnline. Steve still teaches project management for CCCOnline and using QM principles, acted as both the instructional designer and subject matter expert in creating his courses. He is a QM-Certified Peer Reviewer and has attended national QM conferences in the past. Steve recently presented (with Grace Whiteaker) at the WCET national conference in Denver on the subject of course development process management, and has begun consulting with other community colleges on establishing process and workflow management systems.

Grace Whiteaker, Senior Instructional Designer, CCCOnline

Bio: Grace Whiteaker is an instructional designer for CCCOnline, a centralized department within the Colorado Community College System that creates and delivers online courses that any student in the system may take and receive credit for via their home school. Grace is a QM- Certified Peer Reviewer, and has attended national QM conferences in the past. She has a varied work background that includes librarian, project manager, news photojournalist, coffee barista, lecturer, information and adrenaline junkie, and world traveler. Whiteaker thrives on course design, process design and improvement, workflow, and organization.

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Join the QM IDA Listserv

The QM IDA Listserv provides QM IDA members with a forum for networking, support and sharing resources related to the instructional design profession. Its primary purpose is to encourage collaboration, informal mentorship and communication related to instructional design resources.

Instructions for Joining the Listserv:
  1. Verify your membership in the QM IDA: Visit MyQM. After logging in, select My Tools in the secondary navigation menu. Then select “IDA Search.” Use your name or email address as the search criterion. The search should produce your information if your membership is current.
  2. Once your membership is verified, request to join the QM IDA Listserv by filling out the short QM IDA Listserv form.
  3. It will take approximately three days for your information to be included in the ListServ system. You will receive a notification from the Google Group when you’ve been added.