Applying QM Standards to Online Design and Development: A Two-prong Approach


The seven-month hybrid Learning Series, currently in its first year of implementation at Georgetown University, applies QM Standards to teach faculty how to design and develop online courses. The hybrid approach includes faculty participation in an online Canvas course--consisting of an orientation and three modules--and six, 2-hour long face-to-face sessions. The program applies QM Standards on two levels. First, as the Series developers, we apply QM Standards to the design and development of the online Canvas course and face-to-face sessions. Second, the series is designed to serve as a model for faculty as they create their own courses; as such, we apply QM Standards by asking faculty to integrate the QM principles into their own courses. The series thus encourages faculty to design and create effective learning objectives, instructional materials, and additional active learning activities and assessments in accordance with QM Standards. The Series is designed to effectively model these techniques through high-level learning interaction between instructors and participants as well as peer-to-peer engagement. Our presentation will summarize the development and implementation of the series and emphasize specific application of the customized QM Standards.

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Huisman Lubreski
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