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FREE for QM Members and non-members, these QM-hosted Research webinars take place several times per year. Check the "Free Webinars" page for upcoming sessions. To view recorded sessions, select the webinar title for the description and select "view recording" for the recording link when available.

  • Digital Accessibility: Benchmarking QM Institutional Policies and Practices in 2020
    Presented: June 9, 2020

    Awareness of digital accessibility in higher education has increased in the past decade and become a priority for institutions offering online courses. In November of 2019, over 200 QM coordinators completed a benchmarking survey that reported on the policies, practices, tools, and professional development needs of their institutions regarding digital accessibility. This webinar presents the preliminary findings of this study, touching on roles and responsibility for ensuring compliance, captioning practices, budgeting, and future training opportunities.

    Presented by Barbara Frey, D.Ed., Assistant Professor, School of Education, Point Park University; and Rae Mancilla, Ed.D., Senior Instructional Designer, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Office of Online Learning, University of Pittsburg

  • CHLOE 4 — Navigating the Mainstream: Overview of the Fourth QM-Eduventures Changing Landscape of Online Education Survey
    Presented: April 14, 2020

    Key findings from the fourth installment of the CHLOE survey were presented. The CHLOE project — a joint undertaking by Quality Matters and Eduventures — has been taking the pulse of higher education leaders on a national scale since its inception in 2016. The latest report reveals the impact of the mainstreaming of online learning on dedicated support services and online course and program development arrangements. Other issues covered in the report include enrollment trends in an increasingly crowded market, the approach to online education by research universities and state flagships, and top priorities for Chief Online Officers over the next five years.

    Presented by Ronald Legon, Executive Director Emeritus, Quality Matters; and Richard Garrett, Chief Research Officer, Eduventures Research

  • The Tip of the Iceberg: Moving Beyond Superficial Data to Uncover Issues
    Presented: February 13, 2020

    Dr. Simunich joined QM in January in a newly-created position with intentions to accelerate and advance the current contributions of QM’s research team and volunteer community. In this webinar, she talks about ways to move beyond existing institutional data and common research questions to more fully explore the complex situations and stories underneath quality assurance efforts. Get answers to questions about QM research in this special opportunity to meet this published researcher with over 15 years of experience in eLearning research, instructional design, and online pedagogy.

    Presented by Dr. Bethany Simunich, QM Director of Research & Innovation

  • QM Research Online Conference
  • The Online Student Experience: Results from a NSSE-QM Collaboration
    Presented: May 15, 2019

    Description: A presentation of the findings from a test set of questions on the student experience with online courses. The questions were administered along with the core NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) in 2018 by 21 colleges and universities. Nearly 6,000 students from a variety of institutions participated, responding to questions about their experiences with course structure and engagement. To what extent are their experiences aligned with the QM Rubric? For example, how easy was it to locate course information and activities within the course? Where is there room for improvement? View this recording to find out.

    Presented by Shimon Sarraf, Assistant Director for Survey Operations & Project Services

  • CHLOE 3 - Behind the Numbers: Overview of the Third QM-Eduventures Changing Landscape of Online Education Survey
    Presented: April 11, 2019

    Description: A presentation of key findings from the third CHLOE survey. Topics included significant enrollment trends, the typical structure of online courses, widespread institutional governance practices for online programs, and analysis of online quality assurance as a process. In addition, the session introduced five distinct models for offering online education at post-secondary institutions in the United States. These models may provide a useful perspective for institutions, helping them to identify their place in the spectrum of current online learning approaches and inform their planning and development processes.

    Presented by Ronald Legon, Executive Director Emeritus, Quality Matters; and Richard Garrett, Chief Research Officer, Eduventures Research

  • The Report Reader Checklist — A Research Resource
    Presented: February 15, 2019

    Description: As the online education community continues to grow, academic research on best practices, course design and delivery, and factors that impact learning is also expanding. But how do you determine that what you’re reading is any good? Or useful? If you’ve ever wondered about the quality of a report, or wished you had a simple tool to help you evaluate the research you’re reading, you'll want to view this presentation.

    Presented by Katie Linder, Director; and Mary Ellen Dello Stritto, Assistant Director, Ecampus Research Unit, Oregon State University

  • CHLOE 3: Highlights of the Third QM-Eduventures Changing Landscape of Online Education Survey
    Presented: November 27, 2018

    Description: Entering CHLOE's third year, participation in the Survey has grown to 280 Chief Online Officers. The focus has moved beyond earlier foundational questions about online learning to explore a limited series of issues more fully. Among others, these issues include shared governance, development of the Chief Online Officer role, quality assurance processes, how Chief Online Officers measure student engagement, the blended learning paradox, and contrasting institutional models in the online learning landscape. Where does your institution fit?

    Presented by Richard Garrett, Chief Research Officer, Eduventures, and Dr. Ron Legon, Executive Director Emeritus, Quality Matters

  • The Role of Research in Developing the Sixth Edition of the QM Higher Education Rubric for Course Design
    Presented: July 31, 2018

    Description: The Sixth Edition of the QM Higher Education Rubric represents, in a very real sense, a fundamental outcome of the ongoing design-based research project at the core of Quality Matters. The work of the vast QM community, in putting educational theory and research into widely contextualized application, is at the heart of the validation process for QM’s quality Standards and tools. This webinar provided an overview of the research conducted to assist with the Rubric update. It included a presentation of the Rubric update process, the research included, the literature review process, and explanations of other important data collection and analysis.

    Presented by QM Staff, Research Colleagues, and Guest Experts, including Brenda Boyd, Barbra Burch, Dr. Yaping Gao, Wade Lee, Dr. Kay Shattuck, Dr. Bethany Simunich, and Dr. Whitney Zimmerman

  • CHLOE 2 Report Tour: Second QM-Eduventures Changing Landscape of Online Education Survey
    Presented: April 26, 2018

    Description: Join QM Executive Director Emeritus, Ron Legon, and Chief Research Officer at Eduventures, Richard Garrett, for a tour of the results from the second Changing Landscape of Online Learning (CHLOE) survey of Chief Online Officers (sponsored by iDesign and ExtensionEngine). The presentation will provide insights gleaned from the data on a range of issues that affect online learning, including the reasons for — and motivations behind — policy and strategy decisions for advancing online learning. 

    The full report of the survey, CHLOE 2: A Deeper Dive, is available for download and contains relevant, informative and actionable information for stakeholders of online learning. It is part of a multi-year study that began with the release of the first CHLOE report in the spring of 2017, which was downloaded by over 2,500 readers.

  • QM — Now what? Faculty perceptions of Instructional Design and QM Standards
    Presented: February 15, 2018

    Description: Even experienced online instructors may be overwhelmed, wondering what they should do after their first Quality Matters Professional Development course (e.g., the APPQMR). Researchers Yingjie Liu, Instructional Designer, San Jose State University and Patrick Dempsey, Lead Instructional Teaching Specialist, The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, provide an an overview of the challenges of — and best practices for — scaffolding professional development to optimize the use of QM. Instructors within the California State University System who had completed one or more QM courses were the participants for this study. You will gain insights about their QM Professional Development experience, their preparedness after it, the challenges of implementing QM into their courses, their valuation of QM Standards, and the kinds and forms of instructional design support they want.

  • Instructional Designers’ Confidence Levels in and Barriers to Research Design and Methodology
    Presented: December 7, 2017

    Description: Join researchers Dr. Katie Linder, Director, and Dr. Mary Ellen Dello Stritto, Assistant Director, from the Oregon State University Ecampus Research Unit for an overview of the results from their study of how instructional designers are engaging with, learning about and receiving training in research. QM is hosting one of several webinars connected with the study — Research Preparation and Engagement of Instructional Designers in U.S. Higher Education: Results from a national study.