Higher Ed Case Studies

Lessons Learned and Benefits Gained: TAMIU’s QM Certification Story

In 2011, Texas A & M International University began its quality assurance journey. Now, the University leads institutions in Texas with 144 certified courses. Along the way, the University’s team learned some important lessons about the process — lessons the University’s Director of Instructional Technology & Distance Education is now sharing to help others move their own quality assurance journeys forward.

A Leap of Quality: How One University Went From QM Novice to QM Champion

Moving your quality assurance journey forward can involve small steps or giant leaps. In the case of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, their small step led to a giant leap and set them on a path of quality that helps the University stand out from the competition, improve internal processes and better meet the needs of its students. Discover how a small step can lead to a giant leap and move your quality assurance journey forward, resulting in numerous benefits for both faculty and students.