Rethinking Assessments for Application & Engagement

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Rethinking Assessments for Application & Engagement

This two-hour synchronous session is delivered online to help you get up and running right away with ideas for using assessments in online courses.
Course Length:
Two Hours
Delivery Mode:
Online (Synchronous)
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Whether you are transitioning from face-to-face teaching or redesigning your online course to improve quality, this workshop will help you examine your assessments for use in the online environment. The session will highlight assessment types, examples, and strategies, including designing authentic assessments and using LMS tools to support your assessment goals.

Learning Objectives
  • Devise multiple assessment options based on your learning objectives and pedagogical goals.
  • Explain how interaction and engagement are relevant to designing assessments.
  • Rethink your current assessments for the online classroom with a focus on application and engagement.
What Participants Need
  • Headset
  • 2 hours of focused time
Synchronous Session Info

Enrollment Requirements: 10 minimum - 20 maximum per session

Offered as Online Dedicated
Offered as F2F Dedicated