The ABCs of QM-Focused Research

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The ABCs of QM-Focused Research

Learn the steps for developing a research study on a topic of interest in online education in this three-week online workshop. If you have an idea for relating your evidence of QM implementation or the impact of using QM Standards to a research study, this workshop can help.
Course Length:
Three weeks
Delivery Mode:
Online (Asynchronous)
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In The ABCs of QM-Focused Research workshop you will learn how to design a research study on online education as it relates to the evidence of implementation of Quality Matters Standards and the impact of Quality Matters on online and/or blended education. This process will include choosing a topic of interest, constructing a literature review supporting your research topic, developing and refining a research question, choosing a framework based on your assumptions of teaching and learning, as well as a research approach to guide you in creating a study methodology, and considering how the results of the study might be used to improve online education.

Learning Objectives
  1. Recognize the foundational concepts of Quality Matters.
  2. Choose a topic of interest for developing your research question.
  3. Construct an annotated bibliography from a review of the literature to guide you in refining your research topic.
  4. Choose a framework for your research topic that will support the development of a doable research question.
  5. Select outcome measures that match your research question.
  6. Design a doable methodology for data collection and analyses.


What Participants Need

Approximately 8-10 hours per week

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Offered as F2F Dedicated