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Quality Matters online workshops help faculty, teachers and instructional designers grow beyond their current online learning expertise. Whether you are experienced or just entering online learning, your courses — and learners — will benefit from the application of QM Rubrics and course improvement tools. Workshops are available to both QM members and non-members, with significant cost-savings for members.

Start by Learning to Apply QM Rubrics (APPQMR & APP)

Those new to QM will want to begin with our flagship workshop. Practice writing helpful recommendations for continuous improvement with the QM Rubric as your guide. Learn how the QM review process leads to alignment with learning objectives through non-opinionated analysis.



Learn about the QM HE Rubric and the process of using it to review an online course. This workshop is a prerequisite for the Peer Reviewer Course.
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K-12 APP

Learn about and apply the K-12 Secondary Rubric to an online course. See how the process aids improving online and blended courses.
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If your membership only includes the CPE Rubric, you will find the HE APPQMR helpful since the CPE Rubric is based on the HE Rubric Standards. 
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Click on the tab below (QM Live!, Teaching Online Certificate, Higher Ed, K-12 or Research) that matches your area of interest to see workshops available. 

  • K-12 QM Live!: Get Active Series

    This series of three web conferencing workshops focuses on strategies for increasing learner engagement by examining instructional materials, course content and types of interactions. The series is offered through a dedicated session for your group, school or district. Please contact Nancy Ragias to set up a dedicated session for your organization.  

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  • QM Live! Accessibility Series
    This set of web conferencing workshops focuses on building skills for creating accessible course materials and elements. Video captioning, accessible documents and course navigation are a few of the topics covered. These workshops can be offered as dedicated sessions for your group.
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  • QM Live! Alignment Series
    In this series of two-hour web conferencing workshops, you’ll get the skills, tools and best practices you need to get your course components working together. These workshops can be offered as dedicated sessions for your group.
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