Teaching Online Certificate

QM-TOC-web-icon.pngThe QM Teaching Online Certificate enables instructors to demonstrate their knowledge mastery of online teaching. The seven workshops that make up the Teaching Online Certificate include competencies aligned with QM’s Online Instructor Skill Set. Instructors who take the series are provided with the background knowledge needed for teaching online. The workshops will provide both current and potential online instructors with the experience of learning online from the student's perspective.

Instructors will receive a QM Digital Credential upon successful completion of each workshop that is tied to evidence that supports their mastery of each teaching competency. Earning all seven QM Digital Credentials earns instructors the Teaching Online Certificate. Show proof of your online instruction knowledge with QM’s Digital Credentials. All workshops begin and end on Wednesdays. The sessions listed below are shown in the recommended order, however, workshops may be taken in any order.

There is a textbook required for four of the seven Teaching Online Certificate workshops:  Orienting Your Online Learners, Connecting Learning Theories to Your Teaching Strategies, Creating Presence in Your Online Course and Assessing Your Learners . The textbook for these workshops should be acquired before enrollment: Effective Online Teaching, T. Stavaredes. Available at Amazon or other bookstores (digital/eBook versions available).

Fee with Membership
Additional Information
Workshop Name Duration Fee/Member Fee
Gauging Your Technology Skills 1 week $150/$100
Evaluating Your Course Design 2 weeks $300/$200
Exploring Your Institution's Policies 2 weeks $300/$200
Orienting Your Online Learners 1 week $150/$100
Connecting Learning Theories to Your Teaching Strategies 2 weeks $300/$200
Creating Presence in Your Online Course 2 weeks $300/$200
Assessing Your Learners  1 week $150/$100
Total 11 weeks $1,650/$1,100


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Teaching Online Certificate holders can receive prior learning credit toward select degree programs at Louisiana State University Online.