K-12 Reviewer Course (K-12 RC)

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K-12 Reviewer Course (K-12 RC)

Prepare to conduct and participate in QM K-12 Course Reviews by completing this course and meeting eligibility requirements for the QM K-12 and K-12 Publisher Reviewer Roles.
Course Length:
Three weeks
Delivery Mode:
Online (Asynchronous)
Fee with Membership (Single Registration):
Fee (Single Registration):

Please refer to the Schedule & Checklist for more information on course requirements.

The K-12 Reviewer Course includes a review of Quality Matters, practice critiquing and writing helpful recommendations, and a Practice Review in which participants review specific standards in a simulated online course review using the QM web-based course review system.

A rigorous course, modeled after the expectations of the K-12 and K-12 Publisher Reviewer Roles. After successfully completing this course, participants may be eligible for K-12 Course Reviewer certification by meeting these requirements:

  1. Successful completion of the K-12 Applying the QM Rubric Workshop and the K-12 Reviewer Course.
  2. Current teaching or development experience of an online or blended course (within the last 18 months).
  3. Complete the K-12 Reviewer Applications and a Memo of Understanding.  Submit to QM.

Successful completion of the K-12 Applying the QM Rubric (K-12 APP) workshop

What Participants Need

At least 22 hours total to complete the course requirements.

Special Notes

Please allow one week between the completion date of the K-12 Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Workshop and the starting date of the K-12 Reviewer Course to ensure your record reflects successful completion of the K-12 APP. 

We offer Graduate Credit for taking this course through Ashland University. Contact us for more information.

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